Thursday, January 10, 2013

Start your engines..

I originally made these guys up for my Blood Angels but I never really needed bikers in that army. So I think they will now be reassigned to the Ravenwing.

I wanted to go with some different posses for them. The standard biker looks so static on the bike. So I started with this guy.

As they were more for looks then playing I put them on Dread bases and added cork to give it a rocky look. After the skidding guy I went with the tucked rider.

I wanted him to look like he was tucking down going full bore! Looking to get to the front to tear apart some traitors. It was actually a pretty simple affair, just had to chop his arms, hands and belt a bit.

The next guy I went with him going motorcross style and hopping up a ledge.

Now that I'll be using them for gaming I'll take the DA ones off their large bases and fit them to the standard size. The guy jumping may now be hopping a dead Chaos speed bump! 8)


  1. Nice work man! Those are really dynamic - can't wait to see more!

  2. Thanks.. they were fun to build. And if I'm going to make a biker squad for the DA I'm going to have to figure out a few more cool ones. 8)