Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Punch it in Brosif..

I finished up the Tut Tact guy last night 8) .. I didn't have much time so pretty happy that I could finish him up so quickly. I'm going to spray the rest of the guys soon so I can get cracking on the rest of the squads.

I also started working on the Veterans last night. I originally wanted the walking dude to be rocking the Plasma gun but I think the bolter looked cooler so I went with it. The walking set of legs is by far the best looking in the kit. The other legs I find kinda blah.. I don't know what it is but ... I don't like it. haha..


  1. Looking good man! Love the tone you get with the green. The vets are looking cool so far as well!

  2. Thanks .. But sadly the glue started jacking me up and I had to run out of the room. 8)