Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When You're Tired .. just go to bed ..

The other night I was working on spraying my Revenant Legs.. wanted to get the feet and knees sprayed. I started with off white and then blended in Raw Umber to give it a dirty bone look and I was happy with the end result. I should have just stood up and went to bed as I was tired but since I don't have a ton of time anymore I wanted to finish out the shading. I wanted to spray some Trans Black and shadow a few areas. I pull the bottle off the shelf and begin to shake it, the lid was open and black paint flew all over.

At first I just sat there kind of stunned. Thinking you got to be kidding me but it wasn't kidding and I had paint on the wall, the table, the compressor, the floor, right next to the table where my camera was sitting and all over the Rev legs and the Dread's Torso ... 8( .. You can see some of the blending above and below looking wacky as I took thinner to it trying to remove the black as best as possible. It took off the black and the desired colors as well. That sucks..  I'll have to go back and blend the legs as well as the feet again which is a pain as it requires taping. As for the Dread I'll just have to repaint the skull and some of the cables.. Good times.

I'm still annoyed. I know it was my fault and all but damn. I should have just gone to bed.


  1. Yep mate I can definately feel your pain. I had ink splahing all over my painting corner while working on a friend's Black Templars. It was messy. It's nothing which can't be fixed but it's frustrating indeed.

    "When tired go to bed" should be a miniature painting mantra.

  2. haha agreed .. sucks when it's your own fault, you can't really blame anything else. So you just sit there angry 8)