Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting it done..

Friday I had a stomach bug so stayed home from work. Since I was home chilling I got to work on a bunch of stuff that has been hanging out there.

I finished the Chappy's wings and all the touch ups I wanted to get done on him. I'm pretty happy with him and Glad to have another mini off the painting table. I don't really use them that much but I do love the model. I also used a but if sepia in the wings and I'm really happy with the look. I've tried using blue and shading more black but I think the sepia really gives it the look I was going for. Now I may have to go back and mod the other ones. Bah..

I also finished up the magnet Sang Priest BPs. I was going to blend them a little more but as they are only tabletop it wasn't that big a deal to me. There are a few touch ups I'd like to do but again, they aren't that important, more to have WYS on the board.

More work on the Dread, his left arm is almost done. I also worked a little bit on his right arm and torso but the torso ended up getting jacked up (more on that later). So a little more to be done on the left and arm and then I need to finish it up. I should have put more time into it but I wanted to get the chappy completely done.

I took some pics of some older models while I was moving some mini's around. I really haven't paid that much attention to some of my old guys but it was funny when I noticed my skill progression over the years. I was surprised by some (how rough they looked) and was please by others. The Lock has taken some hits but he's damn near twenty years old. The Banshees are newer but still a ways back and the Rangers are also pretty dated but are still some of my Favs.

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