Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Magnetic!

First off .. Happy Halloween! It's my Favorite Holiday but I'll be happy when it's over this year. It's my daughter's first and I've been crazy busy trying to get it ready. Made her costume (well me and my Mom, when we got to the main body I was all confused) and all the other fun that goes along with the holiday!.. I think my pumpkins turned out awesome this year. Should have some pics up tomorrow of her costume and the pumpkins.

But now back to bidness. I got a little work done in between my sewing duties (mostly when I was ready to scream and tear the sleeves off it). The Libr got a new belt in the form of Green Stuff and attached the book to his belt. I wanted it to look like it was being kicked out and back as he walked forward.

I also magnetized him. I'm using the wings I had made for the first bashed Libr as he's in the re configure corner. So..  he got a magnet on himself and his standard BP. A lot of people ask about applying magnets and they are super simple to use. The one MAJOR concern is polarity. Always mark the magnets before applying. I attack the magnet to my Xacto knife and mark the end of the mag stack with a sharpie. Then I use that dot to keep track of the polarity. Such as, show dot on pack but hide dot on guy. That way I know the mags are all facing the correct way. Remove a magnet mark the next magnet. Also make sure you have a plastic/wood/non magnetic tool to adjust the magnet after it's glued. Metal won't work, it'll just yank the magnet off. The back of a brush or piece of a sprue will work if nothing else is at hand.

1)For Back Packs I use 1/8 x 1/32 Disc Magnets. Cut the nub off his back and file/sand. Then glue the mag on.
2) Drill the BPs out with a 5/32 bit going deep enough that the mag drops into the pack. Glue.
3) Let them dry overnight or at least give them a good amount of time. Rare Earth Magnets are no joke and can easily pull away from the piece it was attached to. When I separate them I usually don't pull straight away either. I sort of turn them 90 degrees and then off ( like opening a door and then pulling ). It's less stress on the smaller mags. (that's for you Josh haha, I'm also adding the mag size chart to the tools page)

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