Thursday, October 27, 2011

Die, Die, my Darling ..

I've been debating out posting these guys up because I'm still doing battle with my clear coats. I thought the Khrylon I just picked up was going to do fine but after the first use it's now starting to give that satin sheen. I'm going to move the cleat aerosols into the house to keep them away from ANY moisture and I'm also going to stop at the hobby shop and grab some dull coat.

But moving on, a week or so back I sat down and at the table and felt like painting one of the Krieg. He's almost done other then some highlights and cleaning up the base a bit. And hitting up with some Dull Coat to remove that craptastic sheen. Pretty happy with him otherwise, since I have a good bit of these dudes to get done I'm going to being painting them decently quick. Hopefully, but they are currently back of the line for the time being. Still they are awesome mini's and I love the way they look.

I've some also decided to go with the helm on the Librarian. I'm going to try and cut down the wing for the gun some more to see if I can get it to scale with the gun properly. If not I'll scrap it and go with some seals or something. I also still need to pick up some small chain for him. Most places I've been too it's been too large so I'm going to have to hunt the net today looking for some that fits my idea. I based him and glues him torso on, still need to green stuff his belt and get the rest of him ready. I'm also going to add a WIP section for him as well.