Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Librarian Man ..

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to play a team Tourney that will be coming up this winter and I've been in the process of trying to figure out what army I should bring. The rules don't seem to allow much interaction from each army so that's weighing into my decision. We were originally thinking of using Eldar and DE but if my powers couldn't be cast on his army or get the bonuses (Doom and Fortune) it doesn't really seem worth it. So I think I'm going to go with a pain in the a$$ BA build. The Tourney judges painting so I want to have my army decked out. It's also WYS so I need to figure out the complete build and get to it. That means putting my head down and sticking to BA for awhile instead of hoping around as I so love to do.

But anyway, I started on a new Librarian. The other kit bashed one I made up ran into issues so I've kind of lost interest in him. I've been sitting around thinking about what I want this guy to look like so the night before last I was digging around my bit box and pulled out most of what I liked for him. He's going to be a large mix of parts but want him to look like the librarian he's suppose to be. I also want him to keep all this BA roots.

So far these are the versions of him I like the most (he's currently only held together with blue tac so he's leaning a little in some pics). I'm using the GK back, Force Sword,BP (when he's not using wings which will both be mag'd) and maybe helm. DA from the waist down and book, maybe wing on gun. BA pads, chest maybe head and assorted bits. SM pistol and CC arm.

I'm trying to choose which head I like best. Should I go with the GK visor as he would be the only homie in my army rocking one or should I go with the helmet less guy? And I'd like to do something with his gun to make it stand out a bit. I like the wing on it idea but from his outer side it looks a bit too big to me, but I love the way it looks from the inside (top pic). I'm also going to run some chain over a shoulder or around his waist to the book, maybe if it still looks plain to the gun as well. If I don't use the wing on the gun I'll be using a shoulder wing bit. What do you think?


  1. The little book attached to the left shoulder pad is swinging against gravity. Little details like this make all the difference in the world. It should be hanging down, not swinging upwards.

  2. Thanks for the detailed eye 8) .. right now he's just blue tac'd into place so I can figure out what pieces I'm going with but I'll mark that down so I don't forget to mod it. Thanks again.