Thursday, August 23, 2018

Nitty Gritty

 Last night I got some more work done on the Leviathan. I'm started smoothing some of the blends on the armor and brought up some of the metals adding some brighter highlights. The metal on the base was a little muddy and wanted to add a light brighter areas. I will be adding some more weathering to it though as I need to blend in the red.
 I also started playing around with the claw arm a little more. I added some blue energy lines on the arm, I think it looks pretty cool and adds a little bit of detail. I did a little more glow on some parts but I'll still need to hit that up more.
 The cables will get a little highlight as it's a bit too mono color. I'm going to add more soot to the stacks. I added a little more metal fatigue.
 I brought the metals up a bit on the drill but that will also be getting weathering to level them off.
 Since I had the soot our I also started adding some to the Drop Pod. The bottom thrusters and the doors.
This pretty much finishes the Pod up. There really isn't more I need to do to it. Pod is complete. I'll be clearing it a few more time to make sure it's protected but then it will be moved over to the shelf waiting to jump in the bag.

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