Friday, August 17, 2018

Digging in the Dirt

 The Recon/Tacs are almost done.. thankfully! Last night during the Hobby Hangout I pretty much worked on annoying little bits haha.. I missed a few straps which I finished up as well as an internal battle as to whether to paint the grips of the combat blades on the BPs.. which I was thinking about going with leather for ease but it already had too much brown so I went with a red.. I didn't want to add a completely new color so since the lens and seals are red I stayed with that.
 But .. (as John mentioned last night) it's pretty hard to see after the weathering haha.. I got the first coat of weathering done on half of them which is drying in the pictures.. I'm pretty happy with them as I took a long painting break and on a short time schedule they are really coming out nice.
 This weekend I should be able to wrap them up which is keeping me on schedule.. other then the weathering I need to finish the bolter lens and a few other small details so it shouldn't take too much time.
The highlights are strong so they are still visible after the weathering. I'm also up in debate about the sides of the bases.. I normally paint them black but they also look good metallic as the GW bases also have details on the side. But will it looks weird not matching ..  I'l probably pull the others down and line them up for a visual..

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