Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Glowy hands..

 A short post today, yesterday after I finished up the Tac/Recon squad I started working on detail on the Leviathan. It looked decent but needs a little more love and some special options. Honestly I was all over the place while painting on him haha.. I was blending some grey and then was touching up some other parts but then I kind of zeroed in on the blue. Which honestly I should have worked on other blending first as it might affect the blue.
I don't want the blue glow to be too much so it will be lite. I still have more to do with the blue but I'm going to work on the other parts first so I don't have to start over on the blue and paint it twice 8) .. you know ..  the smart thing. So.. tonight I'll be working on that... hopefully.

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