Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I'm just plain huge..

 DreadTober is coming to an end and I really wanted to have this guy complete but sadly it's been a super busy month. He's pretty close to being complete but I didn't want to rush him to get him completely done.
 The arms aren't weathered at all and the metals aren't complete.. I haven't done any oils or powders either.. and they take some time to apply properly..
 The claw is mostly done but I need to do highlights on the arm and then bring it down a little bit..
 The cabling will have a little more highlighting and a lot of grease and what not added.
 Sadly nothing was done to the driller arm. I'll be adding rust and grim to the drill as well as some bright edge highlights to show where it just ripped through some stuffs..
 I think he came out looking pretty cool so far..
He is a massive model .. I mean crazy big! .. As I was putting him together I was realizing how massive the model is.. He should be a good add to the RG and I'm looking forward to using him. Sadly I don't getting to use him soon.. I'll be playing a tourny in Philly but it's only 1K points and I can't squeeze in to much.

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