Monday, October 23, 2017

DreadTober : Getting something done

 It's been a busy October ..  kicked DreadTober off and then headed off to Disney for the family Vacay..  it was a good time but it tired me out..  I haven't had much time to put in at the table but I did get a little work done. I was trying to figure out how I wanted to mark the Dread... I finally went with one chest guard bone and the other black .. going with a Raven symbol and then the XIX.
 The main sections are black blended as well as the bone coloring.. I started to hit all of the steel bits but I haven't finished them yet. But once that's done I can start the main weathering process.
The knee guards got a little work as well. I kept the theme going from the Knight and went with the same style.

I'm hoping to get some solid work done on them this week to hopefully have them wrapped up maybe by the weekend.

Also .. Greg and I will be participating in Killa Kanz (Greg is probably down with the name).. it's a team event in Philly ..  The guys that run the Narrative Event at Nova. The event also raises food for a homeless shelter! If you are close sign up and have fun while helping some people out!

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