Tuesday, October 3, 2017

DreadTober - All your base..

 Yesterday I finally got around to working on my DreadTober entry but it wasn't the Dread yet 8) .. I picked up a box of the Sector Mech bases that I wanted to try out and mix up the industrial bases for the RG.
 I took some pictures as the base started to come together. First is just the base steel and brass colors.
 Next I started to add the wire and pipe colors and started on the deep rust.
I added and chipped a red block on the base to give it a little more color and start to grime up the base pretty heavy. The final layer added is the oil grease which has some gloss to keep the wet look. Sadly that makes it a but shiny in the pic..

I clean the dread and start to put some of the sections together .. hopefully I'll have some more work done on it this week but I'm getting ready to take the kids to Disney next week so we are pretty busy.. not to mention trying to keep track of all of the DreadTober stuff!

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