Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Strength of a Million Souls..

I got some more work done on the Wraithknight last night, I probably spent about two hours working/playing around with the torso and the legs. I had a couple of ideas I wanted to try and I think some will work but others will no haha.. For spending two hours I didn't feel like a lot got done though.. it was a lot of back and forth. I probably put about six more layers on the torso but it's all good, I need to relax a bit when working on models. It seems that I'll get to a point and then I start getting the itch that it needs to be done. Which makes me start to push or rush... slow down..

I started out by making hard outlines or lines by hand and then went back with the airbrush and blended some out. Some I left as hard edges which after I added the other colors it really didn't look right so I blended out most of the hard line areas. I also started working on some of the areas that will have a bit of a glow, some of the lines in the torso and the inner vent cuts. I think that is coming along nicely and giving me the glow look I wanted. I also added some lighter swirling near the center spirit stone and I think that will need a lot more work to match what I had in mind

The back is just started and I'll need to blend that out a lot. I'm also playing around with the clear coat to find the right blend. I don't want the model to be either crazy flat nor very very shiny.. So you'll be able to see the sheen changing in the pictures.
 The legs are getting pretty close to being down, I still need some more blending on him but he was done enough to mount on the base. I really want to get him close to his final pose so I can Mag the arms and look at the final way he'll be highlighted and shadowed.

 The hard lines I added in, all of which I blended back out. Trial and error ... 8)

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