Thursday, February 27, 2014

All that glitters is not always gold..

 Some more work on the Wraithknight's sword and shield. I don't usually do the NMM so figured I'd give it a shot. I usually prefer Metallics just for the look they give but with the blending I'm doing on this guy I figured it might go pretty nicely with the rest of his look. I looked around online to see the colors most people used and it was pretty close to what I figured.. lots of browns haha
 I think it's coming out ok so far but I think it needs a little more black contrast to really make it pop. The surfaces are all very smooth and there's not a lot of areas to form much of a contrast. so I guess I'll be fading in a few darker areas. It needs a bit more .. something .. I'm hoping adding some more contrast in will help its look for me.
 Its a mixture of air and brush so far, adding in all the hard lines of white by hand and now I'll go back in and darken some areas with hard lines and then blend out some more with the air. I added some red to the gem just to stop it from bugging me when I looked at that section. I also wanted to see if that was going to give me the contrast I needed but I think it has to be in the "gold" itself.
 The shield arms isn't as far along and really needs more shadows, I just have to figure out where they will be going.. right now I'm thinking around the gem and under the four top flanges.
It's not too bad so far, hopefully it comes out looking the way I want and I won't have to redo some more of this guy haha... It's also amazing how many colors you'll use and how many times you'll be swap colors in your airbrush. Youch ..

So far the colors I've used are:
Rhinox Hide - GW ( I ran out of Charred Brown - VGC and the store was out blah)
Beasty Brown - VGC
Leather Brown - VGC
Wood Brown - VAC
Plague Brown - VGC
White - Golden
Black Trans - Comm Art

I'll probably be using some black ink in there at some point and I was thinking of maybe adding in some bright areas using a yellow but I think I'll test that first and see how it looks .. The funniest part to me .. sitting here thinking about it is I'll probably never even use this combo on the board. But it will look cool sitting in the display cabinet .. and in the end I think that's all that matters to me haha

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