Friday, February 21, 2014

A hard days knight..

Last night was good and bad all at the same time. I had planned to take it easy and just work on some priming stuff but I had to clean my Siphon Feed so I ended up working on the Wraithknight's sword and shield. I mentioned yesterday I was going to paint it blue instead of red to better match my color scheme and that's what I worked on last night.

I've been using the PH Martin paints more and I do like them, for some things their translucency really helps but .. let it DRY for at least 15 minutes before you clear coat. I sadly figured that out last night as I was working on the sword. I had just spent who knows how long playing around with the look of the sword only to have the clear coat smear it all up... In the second picture of the sword you can see the smear near the tip of the sword. In the pictures it doesn't look as bad as it does in person. But needless to say I'll be repainting that side of the sword AGAIN.. haha.. I'm telling you, me and this sword.. I really wanted a different look for the shield and I think it's coming out looking pretty cool.. I have some more to do on it but it's close. Then I an can paint up the arms ..

I glued the magnets onto the gun arms as well last night so they are also ready to move on.. I finally feel like he can start making some real progress now. It felt like I had painted a ton on him and he seemed to be nowhere near done. Now that I can assemble him I can do all the light work on him.. I want to start knocking a part out and then move onto the next.. jumping around is also making progress seem slooooooow.

So.. here we are haha..

I've also been looking at making my NOVA Trios Team list and it's killing me. The 1K built as Allies is really going to be a pain, I wanted to mix in some Forgeworld units like the Warp Hunter but now that I can only use one Heavy Support I'm really going back and forth. It's like the old Eldar days, so much goodness in HS and not enough slots. Eldar have had a ton of good HS options for awhile and that is usually where I pull from, being so limited is really leaving me discombobulated.

Reapers? - at 1K there could be some decent bike armies out there and they always perform for me.
Warp Hunter? - Could be nice but usually needs to get up close.. would it make it?
War Walkers? - Hard to argue with that many shots.
Fire Prism? All rounder but one good shot could end it quick.

All that being said right now I'm leaning toward the Prism just for it's all round options. For the 2K list I'm also in debate about weather the Revenant should hit the table. I really want to but 900pts is a heafty price haha..

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