Monday, October 28, 2013

Gotta Break it down..

Friday night I got in another game for some more unit testing. I've been trying to test the D-Sy WG lately to see if they are really worth their points, they ain't cheap! So,. Friday night Sean (L33t) and I went up to Dropzone Games to look for some pickup games. It was actually a pretty slow night, I guess people were getting some early Halloween stuff going. So Sean and I just faced off again, he wanted to try his Tau with a SM detachment of bikes with Chapter Master.

We rolled up Crusade with 5 objs and it was the length of the table. Sadly I got the side that butted up against the other table haha.. He won the roll and started setting up, I got the D3 Re Rolls Warlord Trait. It's pretty cool but sadly every one I rolled rolled the same on the re roll hah.

I only ran one Spiritseer who got extra/no run power and the Tears Prime. Would be nice to use together but sadly not enough Warp Charges and I didn't take the stone. Again playing Iyanden rules.
The List looked something like:

Wraithknight - Warlord
WG w/ D-Sy x 5
    Serpent SL, SC, HF
Dire Avengers x 10
    Serpent SL, SC
Jetbikes x 5
Rangers x 5
Warp Spiders x 9
Crimson Hunter
Vyper SC, SC x 2
War Walkers ScatL, SC x3
Night Spinner

The Wrraithknight took a lot of heat this game and he got him down to 1 wound but he help strong on numerous rolls. His two defining moments were stomping the Chapter Master flat with one hit.. Pulp. Then After the Riptide and Buff Commander hit and run'd out (I rolled a 1) he saved a ton of shots but took the AP2 no cover wounds taking him down to 1 but he would not fall. My turn I Distorted the Buff Commander into the Warp, he failed his Look Out Sir roll.

The Nightspinner again did very well, my first turn took out the Thunderfire Gunner out then killed a few drones and Kroot. For it's price it's a very good unit that can really cause some grief, with the Heavy Slot not being as choked you might think about slipping one in. At least give it a shot and see how it goes. I do want to test it out more, against a few other armies but still. It performs.

The Vypers sadly did nothing, I was keeping them ready in case his Grav Gun bikes got too close but thankfully the Spiders put the hurt on them then a Serpent finished them off first turn. So they just flew back and forth, I wanted to keep them out of his Broadside's SMS range. They just guarded.

The War Walkers again did well blasting a Riptide off the board, still not the biggest fan of their look but they lay out the hurt. And getting 6 usually TL'd S6 AP2 shots is nice!
And lastly the D-Sy WG, they did very well. They are a squad of some serious destruction, you have to pay attention to your positioning though haha.. I keep forgetting you can't touch another in the squad at all so it's all about the position of the squad. I ran up on his Fire Warriors and easily removed them from the ruin they were hiding in. I did lose 2 of them but they took a lot of fire.

I was a lot more aggresive in this game, which is what I wanted to be. I pushed myself to be so. Normally I'm not that full on. I should have protected the WK a little more knowing Sean had a Squad of Kroot waiting in the wings. Thankfully he only took 3 wounds from that, then wiped them off the board for their insolence! haha.. The WG just plowed forward as fast I could right at his Riptide with HQs attached, hell for leather! It was a fun game .. was a bit worried he was going to go first but I had positioned to limit the damage. He called it at the end of 3 as I had taken out most of this damage dealers and had 4 of the Objs. And thankfully the Crimson Hunter lived again! .. but he didn't take any Skyfire so that probably had something to do with it haha...

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