Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ok who gave me the hot foot?

A got to squeeze in another hour last night, which could have been longer but I told my wife I wouldn't be long. Which I wasn't, a little over an hour and I walked out of the room and what do I find? She's asleep. WTF .. haha .. I had already cleaned and packed up so I just went to bed and watched a little Christmas Carol before rolling over for night night.

I've been wanting to get some more work done on the Farseer Conversion I've been working on but it's been awhile. So last night I start getting more colors on him, he's still so far from being done it's silly. So far I'm digging the colors which I only have a tiny bit of blending in. Once he's finished up he should look pretty cool, hopefully haha.. I'll highlight sections of the "warp energy" he's riding on, blend out all the fabrics and smooth out the gold sections. For gold I'll usually start with a bronze or brass and then hit all the highlights with gold. Then taking a very thinned gold I'll do some coats over it to give it a darker gold hue over the bronze areas. Black ink the cracks and then start with the highlights using a silver. Then it's back to the light coats of gold. I want the metallics to look good on him so it may take a few more run through of the steps. I'm un-decided if I want to use some glow effects on him, sometimes it really does look good but other times it's just too much. But there is plenty of time before I need to decide. So I might just wait till he's done and clear him then take a serious look at him and if I think he needs more I'll try adding some. Plus if he's already cleared I can remove it if I don't like the look of it.

Some of the early pics since it's been awhile.

I also put some paint on the BA guy. If I'm using the same colors I'll grab whatever is nearby that needs it haha..

Mainly just added the white/bone/grey and gold. I did hit him up with a little shading but only a few washes. I'd like to do something cool on his shoulder cloth but with my limited time it might be hard. Makes me wish I would have went back to the table last night haha.. But what can you do. After tomorrow I'll have 11 days off of work for the holiday, I need to finish up the room but I'll also try to get in some painting time. And do Christmas stuff. And see the Hobbit. And hang with the kids. And replace a gutter. And.. wow...  um build a dimensional portal where time passes slower so I can get everything done!!

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