Monday, December 17, 2012


I actually got some paint on a mini. Saturday night I was tired but both the kids were asleep as well as my wife so with great sneakiness I crept like a creepy creeper into the shambles of my painting room. It's still a hot mess but I had cleaned it off the other night in case such an occurrence popped up. I felt like a ninja sneaking to the bathroom to fill up my now bone dry water jars. Slowly turning the knob and tip toeing, shutting the door, two quick fills and sweeping back into the painting room. All  that and it bought me an hour haha.. oh well. It was an hour I got to paint some. This week I'm going to glue together the Orks my niece picked out so she can try her hand at painting some. She's only 5 but she had fun painting an old marine I had. But .. here's some of the not much I got done haha..

I was hoping to get more done on this guy, but when I was dispensing the bronze it was slow to pour out. So I squeezed harder and I'm sure you know where this is going haha. I should have clear up the nozzle but I didn't and then Booyah. A ton of Bronze paint. I've mentioned before that I hate to waste paint so as usual I grabbed whatever was nearby that needed bronze paint. It mainly ended up on a Deffkopter and a Nob..

Nothing got very close to being any where near done but at least I got to paint something that wasn't a fence or wall 8)

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