Monday, December 10, 2012

First Rule of Paint Club..

Is never make a deadline..  2nd is don't call it paint club.. it sounds dumb. I wanted to have the playroom done by Thanksgiving but then my daughter got sick and then I got sick and now I have Bronchitis, AWESOME! But it is pretty close. Close enough that I finally got the display case I bought built and filled with miniatures.
Which is cool as I've had some people ask about seeing a group shot. So here's a good way to get some group shots of my armies. (Though I wish I would have remembered to switch lens on my camera and set it to micro, Focusing is a bit wonky because of it.) But there are also some downsides. When I was looking for a case my friend Matt mentioned that the IKEA case has a lot of space between shelves and he is totally right. I really couldn't get a ton in there. But it is enough for now and I actually can see my painting table having placed what was on it in the case. I'm going to get some glass and make some shelves of my own. Otherwise a good portion of stuff will still be sitting on shelves. But I'm sure IKEA didn't build it with Minis in mind, the nerve.
The other thing I noticed was about my army coherency. Color wise at least. My Blood Angels, Dusk Wolves and .. well pretty much every army except my Eldar were all bought, built and painted with an idea in mind. I knew what I was going to do before I even bought the minis. I have played Eldar for 20 years and it really shows haha. When I first started painting I was learning so they aren't awesome, I also didn't have many paints so the colors are typically the same and the combos were pretty bad. My tastes also changed so my models did as well. Bases went from green to black or even blended in so now I really see the difference in age. And I really noticed that the Dar need a huge make over literally from top to bottom. I'm not changing my color scheme but I need to update the older minis to match up, since I'll be changing my lists for 6th it needs to be done anyway. Only sad part is I'd like to wait till some of the new minis come out.
It also made me realize how many minis I have in a 50% state. I jump around so much my armies get scattered. Also noticed I have way more vehicles mostly done so I need to come up with a plan to try and get them completely finished up. Just seems like I have more fun painting a vehicle as there are more things to mess with. Or I build all the minis up and want to get them all done together instead of knocking one out and moving on haha.. oh well.
The Land Raider is almost done so I put him in there but he needs some final detailing.
The guard needs a lot of love as well. Most of my Tanks are 80%, I don't really think about it when they are sitting up there and forget after I get a game in with them. Putting stuff in the case really helped I think. I'm going to setup a list of what needs to get done and what it's importance is, maybe that will help. Maybe but probably not haha..

 Thankfully my painting table is almost ready. I have a few more things to find homes for but it will be ready sooner then later. I was thinking of moving it over to the wall with the display case and moving the tread mill next to the puter looking out the window. That way all my stuff is in one spot. Still not sure yet. I need to get some Orks built for my niece, I bought her some a month or so ago but couldn't get to my table to build them. And if you know kids, every time she comes over she wants to know my progress haha..


  1. Hey Man, long time no see. Sorry, I've done a terrible job keeping up with the blogs since the baby got here. Case looks good! Always nice to see your stuff displayed. Let me know how the extra shelves works out. Curious how you'll get the supports in for the glass.

  2. Hey man .. yeah I know the busyness.. a new born means no extra time for sure haha. We'll have to try to squeeze in a game, Sean and I got a couple in so it was nice to get some playing time.

    Thanks, I haven't thought much on it but I'll probably build wooden supports and place the glass shelves on top. The playroom is pretty much done so maybe I can get some fun stuff done on the side now 8)

  3. Yeah I haven't quite figured it out yet myself. I'd like to because it would double my display space. I got an idea on how to go about it but I'd rather make sure it works before I post my stupidity on the internet. IF it works I'll let you know.

    Saw the pics of the play room. Looks good!

  4. haha I hear ya ..

    Thanks! I'm just glad it's in use now. My daughters toys were taking over the house and it was driving me crazy. Plus my hobby run was completely filled with stuff. Now it's mostly clear whoo hoo..