Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You can never start too early ..

Last night I took my Niece to Chucks to get her first mini's and paints. I let her pick out 5 colors and a box of what looked cool to her, she went with Stormboyz ... haha. I told her they are Orks.. She said that's a funny name and asked if they could be called beasteses.. sure. They are yours you can call them whatever you want. I also got her the small box of 4 Fantasy Orks.. So my next project is to get them built and primed for her. If you have kids you know they aren't a very patient sort. She asked me if I'd have them done by today.. haha ummm no. Probably this weekend, which was allowable .. but I even got yelled at for being late because I said I'd be over at 6:30 and I walked up at 6:34 ..

I don't think it will last very long but it's still cool.. well for me it's cool for my sister well she just groaned haha .. Right now if Uncle Todd likes it .. Makenzi does too ..   8) I know my wife is already worried about how much I nerd up my Daughter and Son haha ..!!

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