Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Sharp Pointy Teeth..

Last night I was cleaning up my painting room and showing my 4 1/2 year old Niece how to paint a mini. She loved it .. but my sister was a bit worried I think haha ..  My Niece now wants to go pick out her own minis so she can paint them like Uncle Todd does .. haha .. WHOOT!

I didn't paint anything last night so took some pics of the Demon thing I made at Games Day.. Looking at the picture now I noticed that a few pieces must have popped off. the main thing is the blood letter's head that should be on the body on the ground by his left foot (hoof actually I suppose) haha ..  I went for a gimpy birdman look.. with the bits I had I thought that would look decent. He's leaning or jumping over a Khorne Banner while stomping a downed Blood Letter into the dirt .. Who knows what I'll do with this guy. He really has no use in anything I play haha ..

Here's a pic of what I need to find a new home for ..

Matt responded yesterday with what I was thinking as well.. there aren't many shelves in that IKEA case .. I do have some fliers and tall models so it may not matter but I'm going to look around for something else better but not too much more expensive ... don't think that will happen so the IKEA cases will probably end up being what I get but I'll look a little more ..  I could build something but I want it to be glass. And while I could go buy the glass and build a frame I don't think I want to or have the time to.


  1. Can't you just leave them? They look cool up there!

  2. The two top shelves will stay but the ones on top of the DVDs will have to move as the Tread Mill will be against that wall now .. belive me I wish they could stay haha ..