Monday, September 17, 2018

Abstract Behavior

 Last Thursday I started working on some Dark Eldar.. at Nova I won the Kill Teams box and I figured I'd make up few Kill Teams. One good thing is I have a ton of stuff just sitting around though sadly I have to find a lot of it because most is still in boxes after the move. But now that Nova is past I'll be concentrating on getting my painting room finished up. But back to DE.. So I broke out this guy .. no clue what DE sergeants are actually called haha Head murder dude 01 sounds good to me. I was also working with a Succubus model and I only know her name because she was in a blister but sadly that blister was Finecast.. blah.. I spent WAY too much time just fixing her and attaching her butt to a base so I just moved over to this guy to actually get some painting done. So far most of the time was concentrated on the armor and loincloth .. The rest I just blocked out.
 I wanted to go with more of the rough blotchy blending which I normally don't do but figured I was just going to play around. There is still a lot more blending to do on it but sI tarted to like it and then I hated it. Now I flip flop on the model going from love to hate haha .. Another thing that I noticed that I haven't done in awhile since I've been paint the Raven Guard is that I forget to block out all the colors and just focus on a section. Then I sit back and realize oh crap.. the rest of the model is black and I have not idea how it's going to tie together. So I started to block it out and then realized that now I was just focusing on the cloth. Forcing myself to stop and actually block it all out it tough for me it appears as I then started to mess with the whip which I thankfully did stop myself and go on ...
I just noticed I did this haha.. or at least remembered that I do since I'm not in full army painting mode. I took one of Roman's classes a few years back and he pointed that out to me quite clearly.. best to get all the colors on there and then work on the model as a whole so you know where you are going and add other colors in as needed. I like the colors I'm going with so far and will be pushing forward with him, I wanted the colors to be hard contrast and rough as the Dark Eldar are the rough version of their race .. and as my other blends are very clean I want these to be choppy. Plus it will only be a small force so even if it takes some time it won't be army time so not too bad. I'm going to blend out the greens a little more and I want to add some scratching or something to the armor .. hard to explain what I am shooting for as I really don't know. I'm just going to be playing around with these guys for a bit... have some fun experimenting.

But the Raven Guard aren't forgotten, a friend is getting out of 30K and has some stuff I want so I'm trading some Malifaux stuff to him since I don't see me playing that much anytime soon. But I'll go into the Raven Guard additions when I have them in place...

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