Friday, September 8, 2017

WHooooo's Next? Whooooo wants some?

Since NOVA I've been thinking about some of the things I want to work on. I'm going to stick to Raven Guard and Eldar as my armies so I'll be unloading more of the old armies I have that I don't plan to play or work on. I was working on the Dusk Wolves but after moving my display cabinet I really started looking at them and I think they are going to get retired and some stuff even getting a repaint.
The weathering isn't as good as the Raven Guard and I don't think they are anywhere as good. Plus my goal is to really cut down all my stuff to being only Eldar and Raven Guard. Sure I'll have some painting things here and there but no more armies.. at least for now haha

I was also looking at my Blood Angels and they look even worse so I think they will also be going away..  The colors are so all over the place since I was painting them all over the place. The reds are different and the styles are different so I'm either going to just straight sell them or I'll be painting them to uniform look and throw them up on eBay .. it just comes down to do I feel like doing it haha
I pulled these guys out to hit them with some Matte Clear... for some reason they were crazy gloss haha

So anyway.. this year what am I going to be working on .. this is the list I came up with quickly..

Raven Guard

- Sicaran Battle Tank -- the original one.. Everyone asks when I mention it haha..
Whoever designed the flash connection points on the side .. I hate you a bit man.. to not destroy the rear tracks I was sawing, cutting and sanding for like an hour on those few pieces.
- Leviathan Dread
- Dread Drop Pod
- Replace the Mark IV Tacs with converted Recon Squads - I really just want to get rid of all the Mrk IV armor. I know it does work but I'll feel better rocking all beakys 8)

I had an amazing time at Nova this year and I originally I thought I'd be RG burned out but winning some of the painting things got me motivated so there are some things I'm going to work on 8) I also want to add some pieces into my lists that will help against Drop Pod lists..  I don't give a poo about a W or L but against DPs I really stood no change and I want the game to at least be a game haha..

I haven't forgot about my boys...


- Wraithseer - I've had this guy for years and always want to work on him but this year he needs to get done. At NOVA I was talking to Mark H and he gave me an idea I might go with for the coloring of the model.
- Flyer - Love them ..
- Yvraine - I might play around with some free hand on the cloak..

I haven't updated the look or pages on the blog in awhile so that's going to happen.. removing some of the armies and updating the tools and links lists..

I have some other things in mind but we'll see as the year goes on..

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