Friday, July 29, 2016

Moving it forward..

 Hey hey..  NOVA is quickly approaching and usually by now I'd be posting like crazy with what I'm making for my army but this year ..  well first off this year I'm not playing the GT or the Trios. . I'll be playing the Narrative only. I've been crazy busy with the Laser Cutting Kickstarter and getting a table painted up for NOVA to use in the Mailifaux games so I really haven't had the time to work on much else. This year it will just be some of the models I'll be putting in the painting comp..  I have a bunch of models sitting here and I'm trying to figure out exactly what will be going..   The Ork flyer will be the main thing going in and I think it's coming along pretty nicely.. I'll also be bringing the Wraithblade with the double axes..  he's close to done. I just have some more fine details to add in .. like the stones and some highlight areas..    .. sry the pics are pretty bad. I took them as I was leaving the house ..  They are blurry for sure ..
 I'll also be bringing the biker chick I started on a while back. I got her to a decent state but I'm going to finish her out and enter her. I started adding highlights to the hair and the bike but her face needs a lot of love .. I'll be working on her over the weekend hopefully..  I have a lot going on this weekend but I need to get cracking,,
I have a few other things that will be coming like the Dreadtobber model I made and some things I need to finish out. We'll see what gets done. This year I'll be bringing already painted models to the Narrative at least..   no painting there.

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