Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NOVA 2015 .. It's finished ..

Man am I tired ... it's a few days removed and I'm still crushed. I hung out with the family and had to catch up on yard work so it was no down time on Monday then right back to work. I went to bed early last night and what really helped. I had no energy to do anything..   I'm going to start going through some of the pics Greg took. If you are looking for awesome pic coverage of NOVA 2015 go check out his blog ( I sadly was either too busy or too tired most of the time to even think of pictures. Thankfully I knew Greg was wrecking shop and I could just check out his hard work  8)  Thanks Greg!

I did take a few .. but as soon as I started something would happen and I'd stop.. they were mostly of my Capital Palette entries. Sadly like a slacker I didn't get many others... usually because I'd then start to talk to someone 8) I was 174 .. but I did get a few other pics .. some of John's and Joe's .. the cabinet was pretty crowded and I missed Greg's Awesomely Weathered Flyer and John's amazing Super Heavy. But fear not ... Greg has many 8)

The Trios was a great time and our Team - Rust Reason and Rancor had fun. I finished 2 - 1 and took a pretty crazy AdMech War Con list. Thankfully my list matched up pretty well and I pulled out the win. I got 2nd in the painting Comp losing out to Dave and his awesome painting and display. Again.. wish I had some pics ..  I didn't take one that day haha..  There is a lot of talking going on and I saw a lot of people from last year so it was very cool. The Trios was by far my favorite gaming time of the whole event.

The GT was ok but it will probably be the last one I play in. I don't build power lists and very rarely even ally. Now I don't begrudge the people who do.. they are there to win and paying to do so. But for me it just wasn't a great time. I either seemed to have no chance of a win or I dominated the game, I went 3 - 3 which isn't so bad I guess. I sadly didn't place in the Army Painting Comp.  .. I also met a lot of awesome people and got a lot of great comments about my army and that is the main reason I like to play in the GT. Talking to people about the hobby aspect and getting to put two nice armies on the table and going to town.

I mostly hung out / talked with painters over the event..  John, Joe, Jeff, Dave and Greg (plus a bunch of people where we never exchanged names). John kicked ass and won two events and came in second on two others? Big Congrats again John! It was nice to talk about models and color theory and planning what should be next. Five of my entries made it into the Finals which was cool and that was really as far as I thought I'd make it. I think I'm a solid painter but I don't have that finished look yet. This year I plan to work on that more, over the past year I've tired to up my game but I was still painting to play. After playing in the GT this year I think that is now gone. I want to work more on what I want to paint and I want to finish it. I'm not saying I won't be painting stuff to play but I'm not going to rush it and it won't dictate what I paint next.  I'm going to be working on multiple advance techniques and trying to advance my skill set. So that being said I'll be painting a wide variety of things this year.

Here's a list of what I want to work on this year..

Ork Bomber - I've had the flyer sitting on my shelf for over three years. This year it's coming out of the box and getting done. I want to work on some heavy weathering (mostly rust and soot) on this guy.

Dusk Wolves - I want to finish out this army. They will be getting some chipping and I'm going to keep up my heavy mucking of them. Sadly for what I want to do this my void out some of the stuff I already have painting haha  I also want to make a sick Display Board for them.This will be a lot of Forgeworld .. I'm already making a list..

Wraithseer - I bought him last year but haven't gotten around to building and painting him. I want to convert his stance and paint him to a completely finished look.

Pathfinder - I love Pathfinders and want to do another diorama for him

Tech Priest Dominus - This guy looks awesome and I want to paint him. That is all.

Razorwing Jet Fighter - I've been wanting to paint one of these for awhile so I'm going to knock one out.

I've just been thinking of stuff I want to paint. Will it all get done? Probably not because that is how it is.. But They will be touching on techniques I want to do. I will probably be adding things or just painting whatever I pick up. I have some Malifaux I need to knock out in addition to some other stuff I've had my eye on. Greg also had a cool idea that everyone should paint up the same model and then see what each of us do..  So that will be cool..

Next year I'm thinking about what I want to do..  I will be entering stuff into the painting comp but right now that is the only thing I know for sure. I'll see where I am as it gets closer to figure out what I might play..  The Narrative looks awesome ...  just wish it wasn't so damn late haha

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