Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stand...d and Deliver....r

 A little more work done on the Guild Riflemen, they are far from done but I wanted to get their heads somewhat done so I could attach them. I'll be getting another game in something this week/weekend depending on the time I'll have free and would like to try these guys if possible.
 These models have a ton of detail and that will take time but should look very cool when done 8)..
 Added in reds to add to the Guild feel and also has a cowboy feel.

 There still needs to be a ton of blending .. I like the leather look but it takes a bunch of time haha..

I have a good bit of Malifaux guys that are being worked on as I go.. if I'm doing skin on one I'll usually do it on all that need it so when I get to those models they will require less.. in theory at least 8)

Tonight I'll be working on the display board some more, I want to get that really moving along for Nova..

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