Monday, June 23, 2014

Stand an fight..

 Worked on the Blood Angel Sarg, I've done a little blending but mostly it's just been getting the base colors on. So many things sitting on my table and I want to clear some of these guys off 8)
 I also haven't painting up a Blood Angel in awhile and figured this would be a good one... I'll work on more blending then normal on the Sarg hopefully..
 I think his pose really looks cool with the old school JP, I added the magnets but haven't really touched them with paint other then base reds.

 I also worked a bit on the other BA guy I've had sitting here for a long while..  he needs to get finished up and moved into the finished cabinet.. hopefully in the next few days ..

I changed the GS'd cloak I made again, now going with a purple look. I think it's looking ok but still needs some work. The blends are going pretty good and once I cut down the sheen I think it will pull it together a bit more. Either way he's going to have a purple shoulder cloak, it's not getting painted another color again haha..

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