Friday, March 1, 2013

Castle up!

Tomorrow I'll be running a Tourney at the local gaming/comic shop. As I've been running events there I try to paint up something new for each time we play so eventually all of the terrain is painted. I bring my stuff as well but I've now been painting up theirs, it doesn't take me too long in the scheme of things. In about 3 hours I finished  two Bastions, a Fuel Depot and the Auto/Def guns. I create custom mission for the Tourneys to add a little extra fun, nice to not have to play the standard missions over and over. Plus it makes the person have to think about winning a different way sometimes. One of the missions I made this time uses a bastion in it. So i sprayed up the two they had at the shop.
They look very similar but one as a red door and the other green haha.. Mine is rocking a brassy kinda door.. which does need a little toning down not that I look at the picture
They are all quickly done but it adds some nice color and flavor to the board. They will also need guns so.
And maybe someone will need to fill up a tank or two.

Everything was done with the Airbrush, a little more detail would make them pop even more but I don't have the time to go too far with the terrain. The Fuel Depot was a nice mix in with the Bastions so I didn't get tired of painting the same thing over and over. Everything will need a coat of clear but otherwise they are ready to go .. well.. not go more like sit and provide cover.. well you know what I mean.

Some of the lighting on the pics might be off as I took the picks at the spray booth. And I knew it was bad before, as spraying on there can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Since I had to move my room around a bit they lighting situation hasn't been ideal. I've decided that the next thing I'm going to do is get that whole area situated. It's really annoying me and needs to be dealt with post haste.

I did get a little time to blend some of the Termies a little more. Tonight I'll clean these guys up and get everything tightened up for tomorrow. Everything is built up to be What you See now so it should be a little easier for my friend to use as he's just starting out.

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