Thursday, November 15, 2012

To the sky!

Swooping Hawks. They have always been one of my favorite aspects, in the past few editions they haven't been anywhere near as strong as they use to be. In the olden days, Leave the board  and come back for sure anywhere without rolling or scatter. Then with Baharroth and his sustained assault, he'd go from CC to CC in a blaze of glory tearing off heads and adding them to his web of skulls (yeah thats right I went there and still have a Reaper Ex with one. Yeah that's who I want to carry that thing, the guy I want no where near CC). Now they aren't nearly as strong as they use to be but they can still be a pretty strong unit with the new vehicle assault rules and Haywire Shenanigans. With increased mobility and DS ability they can move up the field and with the change to intercept if they get into CC with a vehicle it's going to die. Sadly so will they most likely after they do their job. A bit more expensive then the  Dragon but now they have more chance of getting into the fight and you have some outs if you take skyleap. It's added points but if you want to try to save them.. don't know if it's worth it. They don't need a Serpent so that will save points but they are pretty much only vehicle killers, their sad little guns aren't going to win you any wars that's for sure. I'm going to try a squad I think and see how they do. Many moons ago I bought all the bits to finish a squad of the conversion I did above. Maybe it will give me a reason to complete the squad. 8)

Rangers/Pathfinders. Again another unit I've always liked; the idea behind them, the models and what they did. They can be a devastating force or they can be a source of complete frustration. It all depends on Lady Luck, will she send you those lovely(5)6's or will she tease you like the heartless ... she is. (Seething complete!) Well, they got a bump in this edition as well. With precision sending an AP1 shot into the face one whichever model you want is quite nice. The Look Out Fool rule is still in effect for Characters but if that ML Marine is giving you the stink eye it's nice that you can put a bullet through it. They still have serious cover protection and with cover being a little less available now it's a plus. They are troops and can hold plus they can be placed close or on an Obj if someone else isn't already there and if it's smart to sit there. Just hanging out all by themselves without any support will mean their death. People usually fear them and rightfully so, if the dice are on your side that day they can put a real hurting on a squad of anything. I usually run two squads of Pathfinders, not sure if I'm going to drop it down to one to stay with two. You can save some points and just go with Rangers but I can never get myself to do it. The bonuses are just too good in my eyes.

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