Monday, November 26, 2012

Cash for Clunkers

While going over the new rules for vehicles I've come to some conclusions but I'm sure they are they same as most peoples'. Vehicles took a huge hit. Yeah they get easier cover now but it's usually going to be 5+ or so and fast skimmers get Jink which is decent too. That all gets wiped out by easily being glanced to death in my opinion. Tanks/Vehicles with a lower AV are in danger from almost any weapon. I used the Vyper as a cheap mobile weapon platform. I'd run three solo (non Squad) armed with 2 ShurCats, I'd zoom them around blasting this and that with 6 or 3 shots depending on how far I needed to move. The AV is the same but in a standard Marine Player world I didn't have to worry all that much as the marines were typically on the move. Now RF weapons can move and still go max range so the marines and the Vyper have the same effective range. Yeah it might take 6's to Glance but all they need is two and it's down in flames. And that's if the squad just had bolters. From a high level glance I'm thinking the Vypers are going to be sitting for a bit and the War Walkers will be taking their place. They have the same AV but they will run SLs so their range will at least be increased to 36". They won't be as mobile but they are going to hold the back field I'd think and may get some Seer love so I'm thinking they are pulling ahead. The only down fall is the WW is a Heavy Slot and like any Eldar player knows, the Dar have a large choice when it comes to their Heavys. Though I'd say my biggest aversion is the fact that I hate they way they look, HATE. Eldar are all about sleek design and nothing about a mechanical ostrich touches on sleek. I'm going to pick up a WW and a WL kit/bits and try to figure out a decent conversion. Sadly it will be expensive me thinks haha..

I know most people ran WWs but I avoided them because of my dislike for them and the fact I already had the heavy slots filled. But as I revise my list all the slots are being looked at, I don't know if I'm even going to run a WL..  and if so that will be a sad day for me haha.. I do so love the WL..

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