Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Krieg are together..

I love the look of the ForgeWorld Mini's but damn they can be a pain. Getting these guy to go together just so took awhile and even then I used some green stuff. On some of the guns I replaced the supplied cables with some guitar string (36 gauge) as those things were just looking like crap. I'm pretty happy with the outcome, they look pretty good. I picked up the upgrade pack so added Plasma and Meltas were I could.

I also built the Vulk that's counting as a Vulture w/ Punisher Cannons, a Bask and a Russ wo/ Sponsons. This weekend I'll be fielding the 134th Armoured Shit Kickers and wanted the Mini's to match as much as possible to the list.

I sprayed the first few layers of the camo, I need to do the black and white. I also have the wing stencil on the Valk which is kinda of a pain with the bend of the wing. I taped off half so I can spray it then move it, never easy is it.

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