Monday, April 25, 2011

Airbrushes ..

I've been doing battle with airbrushes here lately. I had an old crappy kit I bought off Ebay a few years ago from Airbrush City. It worked well for a few years and then the compressor went up so I bought a Paasche Compressor and that was working well. So I figured I'd upgrade to a nice brush as well. I picked up a Paasche Talon, rated very high from what I had seen and since I had the compressor what the heck. Well, I hate the Talon. It clogs up after Min's and usually requires a FULL cleaning to get it going again. I'd have to clean it 2 times just to get through a tank. I fought with it for almost a year until I had enough. I just sent them an e-mail complaining about the brush and as I figured heard nothing from their customer service. I went looking around online and it looks like most people use Badger Products for spraying minis. So I ordered a Badger Velocity Renegade which came in last week. I was a little nervous with it as I'm thinking I hope this one does suck too haha. But no worries, it works great. I sprayed about 30 SMs and a drop pod without any clogs of any type. Was so nice to be able to just spray and not have to spend more time cleaning then spraying.

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