Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Chop chop bang

 The 20 Assault Marines are finished up, I was rocking and rolling and pretty happy with how these guys turned out. It's crazy how much work has to go into the Jetpacks, it's like they are a separate model in and of itself haha
 I really wanted them to have a lot of implied motions and I think they look pretty solid.
 The first squad has the red accented bases..
 A little look at the Sarg's Jetpack .. This squad has a Talon..  It's a nice weapon but it really just is because it looks cool haha

 The second squad has the yellow accents and he's rocking a power sword just to mix it up..
 I played around with the sword to make it look a little different and I think it came out pretty cool.
 The guys are a little more beat up and haagpaag .. looking like they are taking gear from where ever they find it. Their poses are also more motiony ..

Over all I think they came out pretty cool. I may hit them up with another panel line shadow but I don't think it's really necessary but would add a little more depth. I think they should be able to function as 10 man or combined for a 20..  I probably should have made an extra guy to replace the second sarge but ahhh.. forgot haha

Now I'm working on new addition to the displayboard, I've been cutting it and it's almost complete cut atm .. though wholly crap I went a bit nuts for the time I have available. It's huge and it will have around 200 more LEDs ..  argh ..  who needs sleep right?

A quick pic of it partly together..
Still need to cut a few more pieces and then the painting will begin .. then a butt ton of wiring ... argh..


  1. My friend gave me 10 Dark Fury Raven Guard bodies, they're so cool. I used them as Raptors (successor) and they're posed as if they were springing out of Ambush. Cool OSL on Sargs Claw! Looks real!

    Oh and i love the display board.

    1. They are awesome .. they really have that feel that they are rushing forward. Thanks! Usually feel less is more in the OSL look..

  2. Brilliant addition to the display and you hit the nail on the head about jump packs, I hated doing Assault Marines because each Marine with pack was like you say, two models!

  3. Thanks! I'm still in a mad rush .. I feel nuts haha
    yeah they are a ton of work .. i was like damn these guys!