Friday, June 24, 2016

That's so metal!

 Last night I logged into the Hobby Hangout hosted by shades and got about three hours of painting done. It had been awhile since I had logged on but with the Kickstarter getting close to finished and Nova fast approaching I need to put more time at the painting table and was nice to BS with the guys and made the time go by quick. 
I started on the metal details last night and blah. It is a process that takes a ton of time haha and I'm usually sitting there thinking ok what needs to be a different color? This? Ok. Hmmmm.  So it's a drawn out process but I did get most of the extra colored bits added and started to muck them up some. I also started the streaking and went pretty heavy. I wanted the steaking heavier where the white paint was wearing off. Like the Ork paint was crap and streaked back. It's probably hard to see in the pics but there's heavy sections here and there. I'll also be doing rust steaks but that will be close to the very end. 
I added the exhaust pipes to the side and started to add some heat fatigue to the hot metal areas. I figured Orks wouldn't care about the heat so it would be excessive. The guns and thrusters need some more coloring atm. 

I also started with some verdigris to the copper and brass areas, I like to go heavy and then rub it off. This gives it a more worn look IMO, in these pics it's dring so next session I'll be rubbing the heavy sections. 
I'm pretty close to the final steps on the main body. That's pretty cool! I atleast feel like progress was made 8)

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