Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gun Swap..

 It might not look that exciting but damn does magnetizing these jetbikes take forever. I got a little thicker magnets to make sure they wouldn't bounce around but that caused another issue. I'd have to really bore out parts of the bike and gun or go with a thinner magnet. Using the Dremel I bored out the bike under body and tried to gauge out my depth. They are pretty close ..
 It was a lot to bore out and I still need to pick up at least two more. So far I have to say these bikes can be a pain. Be very careful with them. Use handling them to do other things I've snapped off two handlebar grips and one of the vanes.
 With it bored in they should fit pretty well.
 I started with a thinner magnet to see how that would work but I don't want it to bounce and a surface bond isn't as strong.
 Bored out it will have a much stronger bond.
 The left magnet is bored and the right is the surface. You can't even tell the difference which is what I was going for so win ..
 I left them drying up and will be testing them later to make sure I didn't flip any magnets. I mark each of the magnets with a sharpie to make sure but ... it was a bunch of magnets and mistakes can happen. Hopefully they didn't.
The bikes are pretty close to getting painted, sadly I've been having a lot of spatter from my detail airbrush so I'm going to do a massive cleaning on it and I ordered a new needle and tip which should be here tomorrow and I can start getting some work done. Progress is being made 8) ..

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