Monday, April 20, 2015

Don't Hate

So.. I've been offline for a bit recharging my creative batteries.. I'm getting ready to gear up for NOVA 2015 and was planning out what I was going to bring. Which now appears to be changing..

So the thing that's brought me out of the funk and getting me more focused on getting ready is all the new News about the Eldar Codex being redone. There is a lot of hate going around and yeah some of that is warranted but a lot seems to be at Eldar players. People need to calm down..  we don't have the full book and where people are looking at everything on the basis of how good they will be at killing stuffs..  they don't look at the other parts of an army if it's not their army. I was really just hoping for a supplement with one of the Craftworlds in it. But GW being GW they redo the whole thing and I really think it comes into that...

This Codex seems to really have touched all the parts that make each Craftworld unique. The updated/upgraded Jetbikes (Saim-Hann), they gave some of the Aspects a buff (Biel-Tan), Psys getting a buff for Ulthwe..  To me it feels these were the ideas for the supplement that they said hmmm.. lets just roll them all into one book. Some of these things do seem to be a bit overpowered but we don't have the full book. And I think if they limited the upgraded parts to certain flavors of armies that would fix a lot of the issues people are up in arms about but with the new way 40K is handling building an army makes it super strong. Detachments..  hmmm..   I've never been a fan of the cherry picking that goes on. I hardly ever even us Allies. If certain Craftworlds could only have the Jetbikes but not the other beefed up units would it be that strong? I don't think so.. I think it's that you can mix and match makes it crazy strong. The same way people are throwing the Nid Detachment into every army they can (or could.. I haven't been up on it for a month or so). Power players will play whatever it takes to win and that is fine in that circle. I was hoping that the number of Dar players would be less at NOVA. I've played them since 1990 and I've put in the time .. Hearing another person say another Eldar player..  is quite annoying. But.. hey what can you do..  I'll play my boys with pride 8) Now onto some of the changes..  albeit shortly..

Jetbikes - So Jetbikes... I was alerted to the new Eldar news by Evan from FTGT and I started to look at everything new. I understand his concerns. But as I also have played Eldar for a very long time and have seen the Jetbike languish I understand where they are coming from. The plain bikes just don't do enough other then capture objectives. Yes that is good but very boring. GW also wants to sell bikes.. make them strong they sell. I think they should have made the Scatter JBs a 0-1 option, That would make it a bit more balanced. Or if it was broken into only specific SH style armies..

Wraithknights - People are all over these guys and that they are too powerful.. well that may be the case just from the rules people have posted but you know what sucks? They aren't going to be legal in a lot of Touneys and the one I really care about .... NOVA. Well, I love the model and always put it in my army because of that. People thought they were too good last year but he did very little at Nova other then distract. So... now it looks like I won't be bringing him along .. which makes me sad.. See it works both ways for the people against and with..

Strength D Weapons - Ok .. so ..  is this strong? Yes..  will they be putting more of this in game as we move along? Who knows..   but from the days of old and as per the Fluff yes this does make sense. It opens a hole in reality/warp to suck whatever it hits into it. In the game it's probably too much..  but then will it allow them to be used? Will it be fair to bring a list with them to your local store? Will people just roll their eyes at you? Well sadly there is nothing we can do about it ..

I'm not making a full on analysis till I have the book in hand and reading every bit of it ... but I am pre ordering a bunch of Bikes.. I love the way the new ones look and will be nice to have them on the table and being useful. I'm still unsure how I'm going to build the list for NOVA but as I've said in years past I don't care about wins or loses..  I'll be going there for the fun of it all. When I have the book I'll break all the unit changes down like I did for the last book..  throw my opinions out there..

Remember .. don't hate the player... hate the game 8) ..  very true in this case haha

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