Monday, March 31, 2014

There isn't enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser

Last week I mentioned I was commissioned to make up two battle boards for the local gaming store (Chuck's Comics). After the small test I made on the creator I started work on the board itself and wow it's going to require some serious time haha.

I started by priming it with Space Wolf Grey (Army Painter's version at least) and then started to airbrush it. Here are a few pics, one half with only dark grey and the other highlighted with light blue grey. Detailing that out takes time but it was starting to look decent. I finished up the detailing and then started on the snow.

A couple of the full shots, I'm trying to do them all together so they all match up.

So far it's only paint and only about four colors before blending. I had some other ideas about using some other materials in addition but I ruled them out because this is going to see a lot of use with people playing on it. And who knows how they will treat it so I think the best bet will be to go with almost all paint. It's funny how much can go into painting something with very little details. For the snow I've started by brushing on a coat of white, then I took a rag and would swirl the wait around to remove all the brush strokes. Then I went back and would dab white paint all over to break up the snow so it would have no uniform pattern. Next is a very light drybrush, I went all over the board and with extra attention to the stones and cracks. Next will be to go back in with blue highlights and lowlights.. I'll also be turning the cracked stone on the ground to ice cracks so I'll be going back with blues on that.. It's getting closer to being done but I've already spent a good bit of time on it and still have another battle board to make up haha... sheesh..

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