Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hot Mess

This is currently the state of my work area..  some people have been asking me where I've been and I figured I'd post up some pics of the current state of my working area. I'm turning our breezeway in to a playroom for the kids so for right now all the extra stuff had to go into the computer/hobby room and garage. This is actually much better then it was haha..  I bought a new display case but sadly it's still in the box as I have no place to even put it .. I'm pretty tired but keep trying to motivate myself with the thought that being done means I'll be able to paint again 8) ..

But I am getting close on the playroom..  the wiring is almost done .. just have to add the lights and button it all up (secure all the wires and what not) and then start on the drywall !! It's been a battle in the room. I had to replace all the insulation as it was crap as well as all the wiring. It looked like a spaghetti mess. I can see the light .. Hopefully I'll be done sooner then later..

And here I'm ripping down the joists and old insulation. The room had a very low ceiling so I vaulted it.


  1. Wow, that looks like it's one heck of a project - so far so good!

    Don't feel bad about the hobby area, that's more or less what mine looks like all the time! :)

  2. Thanks, Yeah it's been alot ..and now that he's here makes it even tougher haha

    haha .. but I can't even make it across the room!