Friday, February 18, 2011

Fire Dragons

Yesterday I got a little time so I mounted the Dragons on their bases. I trimmed and pinned them to the tile bases I had made before. I thought I had taken a picture of the bases but it appears I didn't. I'll post one up shortly. I'm also going to take a Sodering Iron and melt some holes in the tile to make it go more with the Dragons style.

The dragons I had were the older models, some first and some second molds. I picked up some newest ones to redo the oldest ones that the paint scheme is very so so. Let me just say the older scupts are much better then the latest version. Other then the gun and poses the sculpture made a nice looking gun then dropped it on a Dire Avenger. No scale cloak or detailed helm. A bit disappointing. After that I went online and looked at the newest Eldar Mini's and I'm not impressed. Most look squat and odd, other then the Rangers and the Plastic DA. I'll stick with my old minis, hopefully when the new Dex comes out they'll release some new sculpts.

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