Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A series of plans..

With NOVA fast approaching I needed to have my lists locked in and the past few weeks I've been working on that. So lets get into what I'll most likely be bringing for the GT.

1850 Pts - Codex: Eldar Supplement - Iyanden Roster

HQ: Farseer
   1 Farseer + Eldar Jetbike

Heavy Support: Wraithknight
   1 Wraithknight

Troops: Dire Avengers
   9 Dire Avengers
      1 Wave Serpent + Ghostwalk Matrix + TL Scatter Lasers + Shuriken Cannon

Troops: Dire Avengers
   5 Dire Avengers
      1 Wave Serpent + TL Scatter Lasers + Shuriken Cannon

Troops: Dire Avengers
   5 Dire Avengers
      1 Wave Serpent + TL Scatter Lasers

Troops: Windrider Jetbike Squad
   3 Windrider Jetbike Squad

Fast Attack: Crimson Hunter
   1 Crimson Hunter

Fast Attack: Crimson Hunter
   1 Crimson Hunter

Fast Attack: Warp Spiders
   8 Warp Spiders

Heavy Support: Fire Prism
   1 Fire Prism

Heavy Support: War Walker Squadron
   1 War Walker Squadron
      1 War Walker, (Scatter Laser + Starcannon)
      1 War Walker, (Scatter Laser + Starcannon)
      1 War Walker, (Scatter Laser + Starcannon)

I think it's a pretty solid list that should be able to face off against most things. And if it doesn't no biggy,  It has everything I really like in it, so lets get into it a little bit.

With 7th Ed I expect to see a lot of changes (ahhh duh..right), I'm thinking it's going to be more LRs, Necrons will be coming back into the mix with their AV13 vehicles and MSU coming back. Since we'll be seeing more Armour out there I plan to be ready for it. Cutting down on some of wealth of shots but increasing the shots that can punch even the heaviest tank in the face.

Farseer - Sadly one Psy is pretty weak right now in my opinion. Getting your powers off is no where near as reliable and that stinks. So he'll most likely just be casting guide when he can and sitting back chilling, sadly pretty expensive for only doing that but there isn't another decent option. There is the Autarch but blah.. and the other options cost even more. Honestly if he was cheaper I'd love to put the Avatar in there just cuz.. 8) I ordered the plastic Farseer model and the Autarch on bike yesterday so when they get here I'll be able to start on the conversion of the Seer with Witchblade. I just need to lock down the exact bike design.

I had to take a Wraithknight (he'll be bringing guns though haha)..  I really do like them and using the Ilyanden rules he will be my Warlord. This takes the chance of the Farseer killing himself with a perils and giving up Slay the Warlord for free. He is expensive but can do some decent things .. 2x Str10 Distort Guns will be useful not to mention being able to suck up some decent fire from the rest of the army. People all over keep saying "there's no area terrain" and it will be harder for the WK but there so is, if something is classified as ruins it's now 4+ and if they just name the other type of terrain it's typically back to a 5+ .. ex: .. All non Ruins counts as a bog of trees or whatever they call the GW three tree base thing.

Dire Avengers cracking along in their Wave Serpents are still the best option IMO. I usually like to have more avengers in there but this year one large squad with two small squads will have to do. This option gives me six Objective Secured options plus a ton o guns. The large squad's WS has a GWM to allow me to coast where I need to also giving me cover should I jump into some rubble. I think it will be useful in multiple ways. I want to update the WS's a little bit if I have the time but who knows. 8)
"There's got to be someone better then these slackers!" I love these flyers, the looks of them and the offensive ability of them. With Tau taking a hit in 7th there will probably be less of them and as such I think the Eldar Flyer will have a little more survivabity. Against Tau you have a good chance of being knocked out of the sky before doing anything and that stinks.. But now with that being the case and bringing two they will have a good chance of doing some real damage. I expect to see a lot of Cron vehicles (flying and otherwise), flying Nids, Flying Deamons plus more armour. With 2x BLs and a PL each will have 4x str8 shots. Not bad, if they live they can bring the pain.
Warp Spiders are always fun and they are fast, move up drop the pain and get out hopefully without one of them dying haha.. They have a good RoF and nice Str, with the chance of AP1 and boosted Str against Vehicles is always nice.. especially if there are a ton of MSU transports.
Boom! .. the Fire Prism death machine. this thing is good at killing whatever it needs to. No need to go into it really.
Charge up the lasers.. the War Walkers spit out a ton of fire and running them with Star Cannons can put a serious hurt on 2+ armor models. Outflanking and Battle Focus is always nice.. now that they score they are even better..

So that's pretty much the long and short of it. It's a good well rounded list that I think will be very fun, it's not going to be a top dog list or anything but I will have a good time playing it and that's all I really can ask for. Another good part is that it's almost 100% built and painted, though there are still a few things. The Witchblade Seer is really the only major thing I need to get done for this list. I will be updating some of the models if I have the time.