Thursday, July 31, 2014

The next step..

 I got some more of the pieces cut and trimmed last night. It was mainly just exacto time..  I got all the steps trimmed and glued together. The mesh is in the steps and they are pretty much ready for a coat of spackle .. Six ended up being the correct amount and I spent some time figuring out the increments that spaced them out properly. I also cut a piece that will be a small step on the back section, top deck all the way back (in the pic above). I like it but might notch it some.. in debate about that..
 Here are the steps mocked up, so far I just used some wood spacers but I'm still working on the best way to attach them to the board and light them. They need to work but also look cool so I'm going to play around with a few ideas and see what I like the best. I'll also be making a side "wall" piece that will hide part of the supports.
 The glued together steps... it's three pieces of card stock with a cut out for the grating. I think it came out looking pretty cool. I will be taping it off to paint and then I'll add in the etched leaves..
 And then I laid it next to some light to check out the effect it will give.

 The center piece is now pretty much done. I cut out the other symbol, though they will both need a little more trimming to clean out the extra paper that's in the cuts.. Once the symbols are complete I'm going to attach it and then Spackle. Then I'll be able to glue the glass center into it.

 I used transparency paper to line up the back section making sure it followed the shape of the board and fit into where it needed to. The rear section is three pieces of card stock (glued together) to give it some thickness and I like it so far.
Pic of the lights on the holders.. I should have the other lights and batteries by Friday and then I can wrap the rest of the lighting. It's moving along and while I had a few changes to my plans I think it's still going to be pretty awesome. I'm enjoying it but also want to have it done.. it's a ton of work..  and my OCD is kicking in. But thankfully its a lot of different work going on to keep me distracted 8) ..