Monday, July 21, 2014

Range of Pain

 This weekend was pretty busy, I didn't get a ton done but I did at least get the Rangers to the next step. I need to get all the blending done on them and start on the details.
 I got some of the first level of blending done then clear coated them so right now they are a little glossy. I'm going to be doing some light washes and want the extra surface tension to get some of the details done up.
One of the bonuses of painting over a gloss is that you can actually see where your highlights should be placed. Sit the model down and position your light to where your light source is coming from then highlight that area .. quick and easy.
I did also make up some markers for Malifaux. I was orignally making them for scheme markers but not sure they really have the Guild feel so they might be corpse markers or just whatever.. so far they are just some wood, texture paint and a few skulls placed in there.