Monday, July 28, 2014

Bright and shiny lights..

 This weekend I got some work done on the display board..  it's funny. I don't think it seems like a lot but it took a ton of time to get it done. The prep work is usually the most time consuming. I started off by getting the center glass piece ready.
 I wanted most of the glass to be frosted except for the craftworld symbol and a few other bits. I worked out the symbols on the computer and then printed them. Made stencils and had to line it out so they were straight and even spaced. A pain haha..
 But I think it came out looking pretty good.
 This is just temporary, I just have them sitting on there to see how it would look. I'll be dispursing the lights around a bit more and there will be metal underneath for the magnets and will reflect the light a bit more.

 But the longest most tedious part was this and it's only mostly half way done. I spent over an hour cutting the symbol out. I think I even bruised my finger from the preasure of cutting through the two pieces of cardstock. It was tough with the shape and the thickness. But at least its coming out looking cool. Though I'm not looking forward to cutting the top symbol. I'll have to go out and get some more blades for my exacto.. I actually snapped my last one last night .. it flew off and went on the floor which then led me to searching for it. I didn't want to leave it on the floor and me step on it somewhere.
 It still needs a little cleaning so the light comes through evenly.

 I also cut a few strips to test and line them up on the edge. Once I'm ready I'll have to outline the entire board but they will only be attached at the top to allow the top of the deck to be removed.
It's coming along .. just getting some of the detailed work in.. I'll need to get it all fitted so I can attach the steps and back walls..  whoot..