Monday, July 7, 2014


Last week I worked on the display board some more, you might be looking at this and be thinking what? Last year carrying the display board and two of my bags became a bit much and with the area being packed with tables for playing there isn't much room to place your display or even your bags. I saw a few people using carts to push their things around and at first I though wow that's a bit much but as the day went on the idea seemed better and better. My wife has already made fun of me haha.. but figuring it will carry my display and both of the bags below it makes more sense. i guess 8) haha
As mentioned,. the bags.
 I'm building it mostly with glue but with some screws. I'm trying to keep the box as lite as possible. Since I also have to transport it there that will also have to be taken into account.

 The base of the cabinet is done, I'll be adding a deck on the top and the bottom. I'll also be adding in a shelf in the middle to hold a normal bag and maybe a small cooler! 8) Having some drinks will be nice haha..
 I have the decks cut and now I'm trying to figure the final details. The center section will have gaps to allow light to shine through it. I created a circle design at first but I don't think it really goes with the complete look.
 Here I have the top deck sitting on some pieces of wood, that is pretty much the position it will be placed. The center warp vane will be on the base and come up through the other decks. Once I have the vane in position I'll measure up where comes through back deck.
 It's hard to see it in the other pictures but the front is also separate They will all be mounted to the base so the seams will be visable. I do need to sand down most of the seams to create some gaps though. I started on the center piece but still have a ways to go.