Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Buffeted on Air

 I've been working on the Seer and Jetbike here and there and put a little more time into him last night. I've been trying to figure out a design for the front of the Jetbike but it has been eluding me .. right now I'm kind of liking this but still only ok.. I was thinking it might need the Eldar infinity symbol I use for my craftworld in the middle but don't know .. I want that right mix of something cool but not too much to make it look crowded ..
 I've been working on the bikes here and there.. if I'm at the booth and have blues I've been spraying them. I painted up the other colors on the base of two bikes. I'm holding off on the front till I lock down the design.
 I also started working on the Seer, sadly I seem to have lost the images I took as I started but here he is in the middle of some green stuff work. The cape is made from the back of his robes, just trim the top off. A little trimming is required to match up the torso and pelvis.

The legs are from the Autarch and I'll be using the sword from him as well. I haven't attached the sword arm yet as some GS still needs to be applied and I may even wait till after I paint in there.. depends on how much time I have.. Nova is fast approaching and though I don't have a lot of minis to paint the display board is making me nervous. This Friday night I'm hoping to put in some serious time to knock out a lot of the big stuff..