Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Construction ahead

 Last night I got in some more work on the display board , I only had a couple of hours to work on it but I made good progress. I started working on the design for the center of the board and cut out a paper template to use as a stencil. I think the top rune is a little too big so I will be scaling that down a little bit but that's no biggy. I tired a ton of shapes but I think this flows with the board the best, the circle stood out too much and a straight tear shape didn't mesh enough. I traced the shape on to the cardstock I'll be using but didn't have enough time to completely cut it out. Once I get all that straight I can cut out the circle for the glass center.
 I also started sanding the cut outs so there will be enough space to allow the light to shine up through. The back may look a little plain but when the second level and steps are mounted it will cover most of that section. The steps are the only piece of the the board that I'm still figuring out. It would be easier to just cut them and go but I have a few ideas for them that I think would look awesome.. just need to figure it completely out and how and if I want to run lights on them.. It's coming together.. this weekend I'm hoping to get some major things knocked out.

 I did finish up the main section of the cabinet other then center shelf .. that would have been done too but sadly I was getting tired and totally forgot to look at what side I was notching. it's 20"x19.5" and of course I picked up the wrong side .. so now I need another sheet of wood haha..  it's only $6 but still.. I have to go and get it now. I ordered the casters and they should be here Friday.. I only got the 2" and I hope they are large enough not to snag or cause any issues when pushing it .. gotta go slow! haha..  tipping it over could really suck when my army is on top 8\ .. yikes