Monday, July 14, 2014

Twin ceramic rotor drives

 This weekend I worked on the Infinity Pent bike, I wanted to get it mostly blended before I put her on the bike. I gave it more of a Teal hue that I'm using in the Aleph people I'm painting up. I need to highlight it a bit more but it's looking pretty decent so far.
 I went through a couple of different looks before I finally settled on this one. More grays and black but that looked a bit off... I wanted it to look more colored then pure metal. The blue gives it a little more flash 8)
 I've also started on her a bit, I want the parts that touch the bike to be at least based so I can get them once she's on the base. It shouldn't take too much longer before she can be mounted on the bike.
The metallics and lights also need doing, but I should have her done by this weekend and the Infinity Demo thing a ma jig..