Thursday, July 17, 2014

The future is not a straight line

 Last night I got a good bit of work done on Penthesilea, I wanted to get her a good ways done before the Demo at least. There is still a bunch of detail work that I need to wrap up though.
 Her hair and face need the final details like top highlights and a little shading. So far just did the shadows and what not.
 Her sword also needs so yellow highlighting to bring it out a bit. When I made the base I scratched up the yellow lines and added some skid marks over the lines to make it look like she came in hot and kicked it sideways. I may add a little more to it though as it is may be a little too subtle.
 Her gun also needs some love as it's pretty much just a piece of two tone metal right now haha.. I'll also be making the strapping on the holster leather. Her pants were going to be blue but since I thought it was just TOO much I went back with a gray. I think that was the right choice as it really looks solid to me (color wise).
 But .. she's almost done 8) .. one more session and she'll be complete. I don't know much about Infinity in general but she'll at least cool on the table. Hopefully she doesn't take right from the start 8)
 I also quickly knocked out a NetRod.. This took about 10mins haha.. I'll throw some grass on the base but that will be it. It's a rod ... how much does it really need 8)