Friday, July 18, 2014

Scroll Sawing

 Progress! Last night I was crazy tired and originally thought I wasn't going to get anything done but then thought "Ill at least cut the legs for the base".. but once I started going I built up a head of steam and motored on. So I actually got a ton done. Here is basically what it's going to look like .. at least in form. The double layer base deck should have a piece of skirting on it that will make the deck look like it's actually one piece.. I have a couple of cool ideas I think might look good but I don't know if that will actually happen as it would require a ton of work.. we'll see. Either way it will at least have the skirting..
 I ended up cutting the legs for the second level of the desk as well and here it is placed. I cut the hole for the vane to pass through but it might need to be opened up a bit more to look right. There will be some wall sections as well so it won't all be open like this when it's done, right now everything is pretty much just sitting there 8) I also cut some step pieces out to see how that would look and I think it will come out looking pretty cool.. I still need to figure out the best way of making the actual frame of it though.. haha needs function as well as looking Eldary and cool.. I have ideas .. just hope everything bends the way I'm thinking it will.
 As I mentioned the whole thing will be magnetized and attached to the cabinet, here I drilled out the legs and glued on the magnets. Some of them aren't dead straight but that really doesn't matter.. it does annoy my OCD a bit but the dowel was actually pretty tough and the larger bit didn't quite bite fast enough on some of them. I could have pre drilled the holes but it's something you'll never see so screw it .. 8)
 Then glued them on and ..
 Boom.. magnetized ...
 I also started laying out some of the spacers for the center of the two pieces of the base deck. I'll also be magnetizing some of these as well but it won't need to be all of them just enough to keep it in place. I'll also have to sand some of the separate sections more (yay) ..  I don't think it would let enough light through the way it is right now. I'll also have to make a thinner skim coat of spackle on it when I get to surfacing it. Sheesh.. still a ton to do..
Here's another picture of my mess of a painting table.. I have a bunch of Malifaux peeps that need doing... want to finish up Pent on the bike .. the Rangers... and the conversion pieces for the Seer on bike. So so much .. thankfully we still have about 40 days to get it all done.. but that is starting to not feel like so much when I'm going to only have 1 or 2 weekends with free time to work on it for a long stretch.
I've been meaning to post and comment on this pic all week but keep forgetting to. Am I the only person that uses their hand as a blending tool when airbrushing? haha.. nine times out of ten this is where I test my colors and check the spray line.. This was my hand after painting Pent's bike.. I always say I'm going to wear gloves but I never remember .. Any one else do this? I'm honestly curious...  8)